Lauricidin (8oz Jar, 4-6 week supply)

$ 34.95

Lauricidin (Lauric Acid Supplement, Monolaurin Supplement). Lowest Retail Price Allowed by Manufacturer. See ingredients label and return policy. Shipping cost included in priceShips from Delaware or California.

-Supports immune health*
-Promotes ketone generation independent of a ketogenic/modified ketogenic diet*
-Helps maintain normal levels of bacteria and yeast in the body*

Shipping in U.S. only.


Combo Pack Available with Prebiotic Biotagen, $24.10 for Biotagen + $34.95 for Lauricidin = $59.05. Biotagen must be bought in a combo pack not available for individual sale due to shipping costs and manufacturer's internet policy. See Images for Instructions and Product Label (Same ordering and return policy)