MegaQUINONE K2-7 (60 capsules)

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MegaQUINONE K-7 is a unique Vitamin K2 supplement. Shipping Cost is Included In Price.

Vitamin K2 is one of the most deficient vitamins in the Western diet.

Eastern Japanese populations consume more Vitamin K2 than Westerners such as those of us in the United States. The Japanese who consume higher intakes of menaquinones show relative improvements in bone health, blood sugar balance, cognitive health, and heart health.

Here's what makes MegaQUINONE K-7 unique:

  • The ONLY pharmaceutical grade, all natural vitamin K2 with published safety studies
  • The ONLY 320 mcg, natural vitamin K2-7 supplement on the market
  • The ONLY K2 supplement with Ultra Absorption Complex made of chelated minerals that are essential K2-cofactors
  • Soy free, Allergen free, GMO free, Dairy free, Gluten Free and Non-GMO
  • Kosher and Vegan
  • Vitamin K may counteract the effects of anticoagulation therapy, and therefore is not recommended for patients on blood-thinning medications.

MegaQUINONE K-7 is manufactured by Physician's Exclusive - the makers of MegaSporeBiotic.

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Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30


Vitamin K2 (as menaquin-7) Menaquin Gold*,    320mcg,   Daily values not established
Vitamin K1 (as phylloquinone), 200mcg,  220% (% Daily Value)
Magnesium (as magnesium citrate, malate and glycinate), 400mg,  100% (% Daily Value)
Zinc Gluconate, 30mg, 200% (%Daily Value)
Boron (as amino acid chelate), 80mcg, 400% (% Daily Value)

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