Black Friday 2020

Black Friday is here and it's time for you to save! 


  • Save 10% off all Microbiome LabsProducts are listed on the store at discount - No discount code needed on these products! Save 15% on Fidospore, and 25% on Wheat Rescue!

  • Save 15% off Pure Encapsulations. Products also listed at discount, no promo code needed.

  • Save up to 35% on some Master Supplements (Theralac, Trubifido, etc) and Host Defense (Mycommunity, Reishi, Turkey Tail, etc) products when you combine the "FRIDAY10" discount with existing 25% off pricing for many of the products.
  • Free shipping for orders >$25, free priority >$115 for orders within the US, AND free shipping insurance on all orders. 

-This is our biggest special of the year - so if you've been waiting to stock favorites like Megasporebiotic, Whole Body Collagen, PEA+, Critical Digestion, Theracurmin HP, MotilPro, GI Revive, Adrenastim, and more; Now is the time!

All Deals will end on Monday, Nov 30th at 11:59PM and cannot be combined with other promotions during the Black Friday sale. 

New auto-ships placed with the promo code will revert to standard 5% discount on the 2nd order.

Some brands and products may ship separately and arrive a few days apart.

Remember the holidays are a busy time for the postal service and fulfillment centers, and it may take us a week or so to restock on certain products that run out - please allow an extra day or two for delivery and be patient with temporary backorders and possible pandemic-related delays!

We will surely sell out of some items, so act early!

Discounts are live for many products without the need for a code, but please use promo code: "FRIDAY10" for products not already discounted.

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Happy Holidays,

Dr. Alexander Rinehart

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