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is 95%+ pure monolaurin - an Did you know that the coconut tree is known as the "Tree of Life"?extract from coconut oil developed by its discoverer, Dr. Jon J. Kabara, PhD.

Lauricidin® is believed to be a primary reason for many of coconut oil's amazing health benefits. It is difficult to read about coconut oil without learning about Lauricidin® and the work of Dr. Kabara.

Dr. Kabara actually first discovered Lauricidin® in Mother's milk, and later found that it could be derived from the unique fats in coconut oil and taken as a dietary supplement.

As supporters know, coconut oil is 50% Lauric acid, a medium chain triglyceride that is metabolized completely differently from other fats. In fact, it is more like a complex carbohydrate, being absorbed by the small intestine and sent directly to the liver where it is turned into energy in the form of ketones. These ketones may support energy, brain health and more.

When we consume lauric acid in coconut fat, only a small percentage is actually converted to Lauricidin®.

Lauricidin® is the concentrated monoglyceride of lauric acid - and is what is responsible for coconut's supporting effect on our immune system. No 1-3% conversion from lauric acid is necessary.

What you may still not know is that before much of Lauricidin® is metabolized as energy, it circulates systemically and yields immune-supporting benefits to our body.

No wonder 3-18% of breast milk is comprised of lauric acid and similar medium chain triglycerides - nature is the smartest holistic physician I know.


    • Supports wide-spectrum immune system function
    • Maintains normal levels of bacteria and yeast in the body
The delicate balance of bacteria and yeast in our gut and other areas of our body have been shown recently to be essential to proper health of our nervous and immune systems.

While many of us have learned about the benefits of probiotics, many are still learning about the benefits of Lauricidin®.

Few supplement companies can boast a ~50 year history with just a single product like Lauricidin®. Lauricidin® is recommended by 1000's of health professionals all over the world and is NOT available in stores such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, or GNC.

Lauricidin® - an oral supplement that concentrates the power of coconut in to hypoallergenic, easy-to-swallow lipid pellets.

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