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Monolaurin Buying Guide: Why Ultimate Monolaurin by Inspired Nutrition is Ultimately the Better Choice than Lauricidin by Med-Chem Labs

Monolaurin is a supplemental extract derived from the lauric acid found naturally in palm and coconut oil that has been used for 20 years as a supplement.

The most widely known form of monolaurin is Lauricidin - made in the form of monolaurin pellets that are washed down with water just like you would swallow pills.

Ultimate Monolaurin is the same exact chemical form of Lauricidin - both are made up of 95-98% monolaurin at 3000mg per serving, and both are taken as "scoops" at 1 scoop 3x/day (1 scoop = 1 teaspoon).

Ultimate Monolaurin vs. Lauricidin

Both Ultimate Monolaurin and Lauricidin share the same properties:


    Both brands boast 95-98% pure monolaurin pellets, the remaining percentage contains some monocaprin and monocaprylin that share similar properties and work in synergy with monolaurin


    Both brands offer 3000mg per serving (1 teaspoon or "scoop"). Take the pellets like pills - swallow with cool water or juice, do not chew or take with hot liquid due to poor taste.


    All monolaurin is made from mixed source of palm and coconut oil which are the highest natural sources of lauric acid. Lauric acid is a natural medium chain fat in these plants that is converted to monolaurin when combined with glycerol. Monolaurin pellets are the end product you are taking as a supplement. While companies may use different manufacturers - the end product specs are the same.

Ultimate Monolaurin is Formulated in USA | Lauricidin is Manufactured in Denmark.

This is at least one reason why you Ultimate Monolaurin is significantly cheaper than Lauricidin when compared by cost per ounce without giving up quality.

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Cost Comparison Details of Ultimate Monolaurin 200 gram 7oz and Lauricidin® 227 gram dietary supplement 8oz.

  • Lauricidin is in an 227g 8oz container at a price of $34.95. A Lauricidin 8oz jar costs $4.37 per ounce.
  • Ultimate monolaurin comes in a 200g 7oz container at a price of $29.95. Ultimate Monolaurin is cheaper and costs $4.28 per ounce. It is not only cheaper cost but has a "family tub" size option which offers more drastic savings.

  • The 21oz jar of Ultimate Monolaurin costs $63.95 which comes to $3.05 per ounce, MUCH cheaper per ounce than one 8oz bottle of Lauricidin ($4.37 per ounce). You'd have to buy 6 jars of Lauricidin ($3.12/oz)  to get even close to that price and the 21oz jar still wins.

The 21oz family tub of Ultimate Monolaurin is ultimately the best deal for the same dose and form of monolaurin on the market at $3.05 per ounce (
compared to Lauricidin even when bulk Lauricidin pricing is considered)

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The 7oz tub of Ultimate Monolaurin is cheaper per ounce than the 8oz jar of Lauricidin (Ultimate Monolaurin = $4.28/oz vs. Lauricidin = $4.37/oz).
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View the Monolaurin Difference of Ultimate Monolaurin Compared to Lauricidin 

>At a cheaper entry cost and cheaper total cost per ounce, you can try a jar and find out if you like monolaurin at a lower entry cost with Ultimate Monolaurin.

>You can then stay on it for much cheaper using the 21oz family tub, even when compared with the best bulk pricing available on Lauricidin's website

>Don't spend more than you need on monolaurin, make the switch to Ultimate Monolaurin by Inspired Nutrition


Why Make the Switch to Ultimate Monolaurin from Lauricidin?

  • Ultimate Monolaurin is formulated in the USA while Lauricidin is manufactured in Denmark according to their labels

  • Ultimate Monolaurin offers the same 95-98% monolaurin pellets as Lauricidin

  • A serving of Ultimate Monolaurin is the same 3000mg dosage as Lauricidin

  • Cheaper Cost than Lauricidin:
      • More affordable cost per ounce at both 7oz and 21oz containers.

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    Looking for another way to take Monolaurin? Try Capsules.

    Some individuals like taking capsules over the pellets because of ease of swallowing and ease of traveling with the capsules while away from the home.

    Monolaurin Capsule Products:

    -Monolaurin by Natural Cure Labs (600mg)
    -Monolaurin Extra Strength by Natural Cure Labs (800mg)
    -Monolaurin 600mg by Ecological Formulas
    -Humic-Monolaurin Complex by Allergy Research Group
    -Monolaurin-Avail by Designs for Health (1000mg of monolaurin + some Vitamin C)

    *Based on Lauricidin 8oz jar: 1ct = $4.37/oz & bulk pricing on website of 2ct = $3.74/oz & 6ct =$3.12/oz
    **Pricing comparisons made as of June 2019.

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