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  • Comprehensive brain-boosting formula
  • Supports mental focus and concentration
  • Includes Citicoline, NeuroFactor and Methyl B Factors

Designed to increase brain function, memory, focusing and concentration, Zahler's AdultFocus contains NeuroFactor, Citicoline, Sharp PS and more to boost the adult brain.

What does AdultFocus target?
Aging is a good thing, we all wait to get to the stage where we can look back at our accomplishments and share memories. However, in many cases, the adult brain can use a boost to work to its fullest. Whether it is the attention span, recall or just mental sharpness you are looking to boost, AdultFocus contains potent ingredients beneficial for optimal brain function.


AdultFocus (Advanced Nutrition by Zahler) Supplement Facts


What is the main difference between the TeenFocus and AdultFocus supplements?

-Both the TeenFocus and AdultFocus boost brain function and promote mental focus and concentration. The TeenFocus also specifically supports a calm and positive mood since this is one of the primary reasons why teenagers would have difficulty focusing. The AdultFocus better supports memory and concentration in the adult brain.

Can I use AdultFocus for the "mental fogginess" I feel the first few weeks after giving birth?

-Yes, AdultFocus can be used to support mental focus and concentration through all stages of adulthood.

Should I take AdultFocus only on the days I need to focus or should I take it every day?

-Since this is a natural product and it takes time to see full results, this product should be taken twice a day every day, regardless of how much you need to focus at the moment.

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