Advanced Biofilm Bundle (Includes Lauricidin, Enzyme Defense Pro, Activated Charcoal)

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An advanced product combination unique to that acts to disrupt biofilm naturally and promote gut and immune health*

Targeted Gut Bundle:

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Bacteria, yeast and other microbes will protect themselves by forming and suspending themselves in "biofilm". Biofilm blocks and prevents natural gut and immune support from working properly.

LauricidinEnzyme Defense Pro & Activated Charcoal have properties that may be able to disrupt biofilm formation*

  • Lauricidin specifically has natural surfactant (soap-like) properties that may help "wash away" & physically disrupt biofilm. It also is a natural immune support* and helps maintain normal levels of gut flora and yeast*.

  • The proteolytic enzymes in Enzyme Defense Pro help to digest and disrupt a range of biofilm material -while also assisting with waste removal by digesting unwanted substances that may be released - a fantastic "one-two punch" for biofilm.

  • Activated Charcoal helps Lauricidin work better as it helps to mop-up proteins and waste substances so you can support toleration of the combined action of Lauricidin and Enzyme Defense Pro. (Do not take activated charcoal with medications, consult your health professional)

As your body finds balance, you may also experience mild tiredness, mental fog, or body aches.

Start low and work your way up to the intake recommendations. If mild symptoms arise, reduce or discontinue intake until symptoms subside.

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