Advanced Brain Bundle (Includes Lion's Mane, Pure Omega HP, Lauricidin)

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An advanced product combination unique to that acts to support brain and cognitive health*. Save when you bundle.

Targeted Gut Bundle:

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Lion's Mane and Pure Omega HP support the brain, nervous system, and overall wellness.

  • Lion's mane supports focus and cognition*, mood*, and nerve health*

  • Fish oil (Pure Omega HP) supports antioxidant and whole-body health.
    • DHA is the major Omega 3 fatty acid found in the brain.
    • EPA levels support inflammation and brain health*.
    • Western diets tend to be deficient in essential omega 3 fats.

  • Lauricidin supports immune health* and supports natural levels of flora and yeast* - supporting brain and cognitive wellness*.
    • Lauricidin is directly metabolized into ketones, Ketones are a non-sugar source of energy for the brain.

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