Advanced Yeast Bundle (Includes Lauricidin, Candida Control, Megasporebiotic)

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An advanced product combination unique to that acts to support normal levels of yeast in the gut and body*.

Targeted Yeast Bundle:


Lauricidin and Candida Control have properties that support yeast balance*, especially when combined.

  • Lauricidin specifically has natural surfactant (soap-like) properties that may help "wash away" & disrupt yeast biofilm. It also is a natural immune support* and helps maintain normal levels of yeast and gut flora*

  • Candida Control contains Cellulase and Protease enzymes that help digest and disrupt yeast cell wall components AND digest its interior cell proteins once they are released.

  • Megasporebiotic is a probiotic blend of soil-based organisms that help to crowd out unwanted gut flora and yeast*

As your body finds balance, you may also experience mild tiredness, mental fog, or body aches.

Start low and work your way up to the intake recommendations. If mild symptoms arise, reduce or discontinue intake until symptoms subside.

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