Black Garlic Extract (Doctors Best)

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Garlic the Great.
Go beyond just eating garlic and add it to your supplement regimen to give yourself an antioxidant boost.* Aged black garlic is a highly potent antioxidant and an ideal natural functional food proven to support healthy cholesterol levels and a high functioning cardiovascular system.* ABG10+® branded fermented black garlic is specially processed to minimize the pungent odor and flavor of garlic, to make taking it a breeze, while increasing its antioxidant potential to give you all the benefits.*

Forging the Way.
We use a new generation of aged black garlic extract called ABG10+, which contains twice the antioxidative properties compared to raw garlic.* It’s the first extract standardized to a higher concentration of the bioactive compound S-allyl cysteine (SAC) than in standard black garlic. ABG10+ is produced using a proprietary process that naturally enriches the garlic with its unique composition of SAC, polyphenols, and melanoidins, all known to exert potent antioxidant effects.*

Supplement Facts

Black Garlic Extract (Doctors Best) Supplement Facts

Each veggie capsule contains 250 mg of fermented black garlic. Take two capsules daily. 

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