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Used medicinally for hundreds of years throughout Asia, Black Vinegar’s amino acids, vitamins and other essential minerals supercharge the metabolism to unlock a whole host of benefits, from weight loss, to increased energy and heart health.

With one serving of Black Vinegar equating to one ounce of liquid, it’s easy to feel the lift.


  • One serving equals one ounce of liquid real, fermented black vinegar
  • Supports weight management and heart health
  • Teeth-friendly capsules with no sour taste
  • Promotes detoxification
  • Aids improved circulation and digestion

How does black rice vinegar work?
Black vinegar acts like a metabolism super booster, naturally increasing energy and helping maintain a healthy weight.

Long renowned as a natural remedy in Asia, black vinegar has more recently gained acceptance in the Western world. The way it’s able to naturally boost energy and maintain a healthy weight is through its acidity. The naturally-occurring metabolites within it, like citric acid, and its acidic nature helps the body more efficiently use nutrients for energy instead of storage.* Its amino acids and essential nutrients help detoxify the body and keep pH levels well balanced, and also promote cardiovascular health.

Supplement Facts

Black Vinegar (Enzymedica)

Recommended Use: Take 2 capsules with each meal. Each dose is equivalent to 1 oz of liquid Black Vinegar.

Available in 60ct capsules.

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