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CalaMarine Omega-3

Dr. Sinatra's CalaMarine Omega-3 Supplement with DHA and EPA for Brain, Heart, and Eye Health. A full daily dose of omega-3 with sustainable, clean Calamarine...and no fishy burps! Supplementing with omega-3s is one of the best things you can do to support heart, brain, eyes, and overall health. Omega-3 Calamarine gives you Dr. Sinatra's recommended ratio of DHA to EPA (570 mg of DHA and 330 mg of EPA) for maintaining good heart health.* Calamarine is a clean, odorless, omega-3 oil containing DHA derived from deep-water calamari (squid), not fish.

Contains DHA, an omega-3 that is essential for your heart. Omega-3 Calamarine features both EPA and DHA omega-3s. Both EPA and DHA are important for heart health. A clinical study has shown that DHA and EPA may help maintain healthy blood pressure levels as well as healthy cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels already in the normal ranges.*

Clean, without the fishy taste or burps! Processed in a state-of-the-art facility in Norway, Calamarine oil is clean and easy on your digestive system, with no unpleasant smell. And, because it doesn't come from fish, you can rest assured it is free of any fishy smell or taste.

Calamarine oil is good for heart health support* and our global ecosystem. When you take omega-3 Calamarine, you can feel great about the fact that this oil is sustainably sourced and won't upset our delicate global ecosystem, like overfishing for ordinary fish oil has done. That's because the omega-3s in Calamarine come from calamari (squid) that are caught in pristine South American waters and have a very short life cycle, meaning there is a constantly renewing supply and no threat of overfishing.

Formulated by America's integrative cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra. Stephen Sinatra, MD, FACC, FACN, has been on the front lines of cardiovascular health for more than three decades. His expertise is grounded in more than 40 years of clinical practice, research, and study. His products are triple tested for quality, safety, and purity. 100% satisfaction guaranteed; manufactured in U.S.A from globally sourced ingredients.

Dietary Considerations

  • Gluten Free

Supplement Facts

CalaMarine Omega-3 (Dr. Sinatra)

Suggested Use
Take 2 softgels once daily with a meal.

Consult a health care practitioner if you are pregnant or nursing, have a serious medical condition, or use any medications. Keep out of reach of children. 

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