Co-Q-Sol 100 CF (Biospec Nutritionals)

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CO-Q-SOL CF 100 (60 Softgels)

The next level in highly bioavailable Coenzyme Q-10 (ubiquinone). Co-Q-Sol 100 CF uses d-Limonene, an oil extract of citrus fruits to decrease the particle size or crystals found naturally in Coenzyme Q-10. This decreased particle size enhances absorption and product effectiveness.*

  • New 100% ‘Crystal-Free’ form of Co-Q-10 for maximum absorption.*
  • Provides 100 IU natural Vitamin E plus 80 mg of Mixed Tocopherols.*
  • Coenzyme Q-10 may be the most important single nutrient for Cardiovascular Health, Brain Wellness and Cellular Protection.*
  • May Help protect against many of the side effects associated with Statin Drugs.*


Co-Q-Sol 100 CF (Biospec Nutritionals) Supplement Facts


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