Enzymatic Mouth-Cleaning

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Support your oral microbiome with Enzymatic Mouth-Cleaning Lozenges—minty fresh, sugar-free, microbiome-friendly lozenges powered by One Health Technology "BioFresh Clean". 

Keep teeth clean by removing and reducing oral biofilm, naturally and on-the-go. Enzymatic Mouth-Cleaning Lozenges are powered by BioFresh™ Clean, a clinically proven enzyme combination that removes and reduces oral biofilm for a cleaner and fresher oral cavity. This naturally-effective solution is microbiome-friendly, helping to maintain a healthier and more balanced oral microbiome, supporting better oral health. Optimize your daily oral care routine on-the-go, with this naturally effective and convenient oral care solution.


16 sugar-free breath tablets per 0.8 oz. (24g) tube 

Key benefits

  • Removes and reduces oral biofilm—Clinically proven enzymatic bio-formula degrades the biofilm matrix, hindering harmful bacteria from adhering to the tooth’s surface 
  • Supports a healthy oral microbiome 
  • Naturally effective solution—Based on naturally occurring enzymes, meets consumers’ needs for a cleaner, natural, and more sustainable oral care solution 
  • Convenient dental hygiene—On-the-go format fits easily into existing routines, making it possible to practice good oral hygiene anytime, anywhere 
  • 60% more oral biofilm removal on top of regular toothbrushing after eight days of using BioFresh™ Clean solid (3 lozenges per day)1 
  • 47% less oral biofilm buildup after 24 hours of using BioFresh™ Clean solid (3 lozenges per day)1 
  • Clinically proven to protect and keep teeth clean for 24 hours (1)

Supplement facts

Enzymatic Mouth Freshener supplement facts

Suggested Use
Take 1 lozenge as needed up to 5 times daily. Let it fully dissolve without chewing. Potential choking hazard for children. Supervise children when consuming.


Sorbitol, Xylitol, Enzymes, Natural Mint Flavor, Silicon Dioxide, Steviol Glycosides.

Potential choking hazard due to larger than usual tablet size. Supervise children when consuming.

Important instructions: Store intact in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

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