Glucose - IR (Biospec Nutritionals)

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Glucose-IR is an advanced, concentrated Herbal, Vitamin and Mineral formula designed to promote optimum Insulin and Blood Glucose levels.*

  • Standardized Cinnamon Extract (water) helps enhance insulin activity and efficiency.*
  • Unique 20:1 Cinnamon Extract (water) contains Polyphenols that boost the levels of 3 key proteins important in insulin signaling, glucose transport and inflammatory response.*
  • Standardized Mulberry Leaf Extract taken with meals lowers glucose uptake; supporting proper glycemic control.*
  • Berberine HCl mimics insulin, improves insulin action by activating AMPK and reduces insulin resistance through up-regulation of insulin receptor expression.*
  • Current studies have shown Berberine HCl to be highly effective in not only controlling blood glucose levels, but lowering serum Cholesterol and Triglycerides as well.*
  • Biotin regulates cellular metabolism improving insulin sensitivity and lowering blood sugar levels.*
  • GTF Chromium promotes insulin sensitivity at the cell membrane.*  


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