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*Unique source of omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids and antioxidants; for menstrual support, heart support, joint support, cognitive function and skin health

*Krill oil is unique in that it offers a naturally occurring complex of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, phospholipids and astaxanthin. 

-This phospholipid-fatty acid molecule closely resembles that of human brain phospholipids, providing potential support for cognitive function.

-A double blind, randomized clinical trial suggested that krill oil promoted physical and emotional well-being during the menstrual cycles of women volunteers. Krill oil also provides an ideal essential fatty acid balance for support of cardiovascular and platelet function. 

-A prospective phase II randomized, double blind, clinical trial suggested that krill oil supports healthy metabolic markers. A prospective controlled pilot clinical trial reported that krill oil supplementation helped promote joint flexibility and comfort. 

-In addition, a randomized, controlled pre-clinical trial investigated the effects of krill oil on skin health and reported that it supports the body's natural defenses against the sun and environment.

-Krill oil naturally contains a highly bioavailable essential fatty acids, ­phospholipid complex and antioxidants, providing optimal support for menstrual comfort, cardiovascular function and cognitive, joint, and skin health.

    Pure Encapsulations® recommends 2 softgels daily with breakfast for one month and 1 softgel thereafter or as directly by a health professional.

    Available in 60ct and 120ct capsules (Best Value).

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