Lauricidin (8oz Jar, 227g) - Monolaurin Supplement

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Lauricidin (Lauric Acid Supplement, Monolaurin Supplement, 8oz jar, 227g). 

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-Supports & maintains immunity*
-Helps maintain normal levels of bacteria and yeast in the body*
-Promotes energy metabolism*
-Helps structurally disrupt biofilm*, bacterial cell membrane*, and viral envelopes*.
-Supports the function of other immune supplements*

While we're happy to support your Lauricidin needs, we recommend switching to Ultimate Monolaurin by Inspired Nutrition - same monolaurin benefits, purity, dosage, and "pellet" form at lower cost: Lauricidin vs Ultimate Monolaurin.

-Monolaurin Capsules are also available.

How to Take Lauricidin - Dosing Chart 

how to take monolaurin

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