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[This product has been discontinued, we recommend substituting Opti-Absorb Triple Magnesium by Doctor Alex Supplements or Magnesium Glycinate by Douglas Labs

Magnesium Glycinate contains 120mg of elemental magnesium per capsule from a magnesium glycinate complex.

120 count and 240 count sizes are available.

magnesium glycinate supplements doctor alex rinehart

Typical diets often provide less than adequate amounts of magnesium.

Clinical evidence indicates that magnesium glycinate has a significantly higher bioavailability than other forms of magnesium, and is less likely to cause a laxative effect.

Magnesium plays an essential role in a wide range of body functions. More than 300 enzymes require magnesium as a cofactor.

Complexed with adenosine triphosphate (ATP), magnesium is essential for the creation and utilization  of cellular fuel.

Two-thirds of the body’s magnesium content is located in the skeleton, where the mineral helps to maintain skeletal structure

Recent scientific studies show that magnesium supplementation in animals not only promotes bone formation while increasing its dynamic strength but also prevents skeletal loss.


• Support normal magnesium levels
• Muscle function
• Bone health


Adults: Take 1-4 tablet(s) 1-2 times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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