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Multi-Probiotic Kids

Multi-Probiotic Kids formula provides a blend of seven child-friendly flora strains plus NutraFlora® scFOS® prebiotic fiber, suitable for children of all ages. This premier powder formula includes B. longum BB536, a probiotic strain clinically studied to help maintain a healthy immune response, normal digestion and elimination, and support healthy skin.† The non-gas forming prebiotic scFOS® promotes healthy microflora growth in the developing intestines. This easy to mix powder provides a pleasant neutral taste.

Multi-Probiotic formulations by Douglas Laboratories are tested for product potency and identity to ensure viability, effectiveness, and label claim verification for every product. Multi-Probiotics are acid and bile resistant and undergo a patented cyroprotectant stabilization process for stability.

Multi-Probiotic Kids is indicated for children age 0-12 for immune and digestive health.

Supplement Facts

Multi-Probiotic Kids Powder (Douglas Labs)

Ages 5-12: Approx. ½ teaspoon daily.
Ages 0-4: Approx. ¼ teaspoon daily.

Mix in unheated liquids or sprinkle on room-temperature food.

CAUTION: Do not give to premature infants or immune-compromised children. Consult a healthcare professional.

If gas, bloating, or diarrhea occurs, consult a healthcare professional and consider lowering the dose and gradually increase over time.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. After opening, keep refrigerated with lid tightly sealed for optimal results. Keep out of reach of children.

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