Omega 3 + DHA (Doctors Best)

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Vegan Omega, oh my!
Omega + DHA Gummies support your cognitive performance, heart health, joints and more.* Each citrus-flavored gummy contains omegas 3-6-9, vitamin C and DHA, for a powerful combination of benefits to help you thrive.* Our unique vegan formula is made with chia seed and algal oil (no gelatin!), and is designed to supplement a balanced daily intake of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6).* These nutrients are vital for brain development, help support mental focus, concentration and overall well-being.*

DHA direct from the source.
Everyone can benefit from consuming DHA as a part of their diet. While most people know fish is a good source of DHA, what they don’t know is that fish get DHA from the algae they consume. The manufacturers of the star ingredient in these gummies, life’sDHA™, go straight to the source, growing their DHA in a controlled environment and from the same microalgae fish get it from. life’sDHA™ is vegetarian and sustainably sourced, making this ingredient good for you and the environment.

Supplement Facts

Omega 3 + DHA (Doctors Best) Supplement Facts

Each serving contains a total 275 mg of omega oil from chia oil and DHA, plus 20 mg of vitamin C. Chew three gummies daily. 

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