Tri-Alkali 352g (Pure Encapsulations)

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Tri-Alkali 351 g

Supports healthy acid-alkaline balance in the body for healthy bone and kidney metabolism.

Details & Ingredients

  • Maintains healthy acid-alkaline balance.
  • Promotes bone health.
  • Made with hypoallergenic, vegetarian ingredients.
  • Convenient powder formula for easy dispensing.

Tri-Alkali supports healthy acid-alkaline balance in the body to promote optimal calcium absorption and healthy bones. Tri-Alkali also helps support healthy kidney oxalate and uric acid metabolism.

 Supplement Facts
 Amount Per Serving
each scoop (approximately 3.9 g) contains:
vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) (D3)
10 mcg (400 IU)
calcium (as calcium citrate) 250 mg
magnesium (as magnesium citrate) 150 mg
potassium (as potassium citrate) 400 mg
glycine (free-form) 200 mg

Other ingredients: stevia leaf extract

Not to be taken if you have hyperkalemia or abnormal kidney function, or take ACE inhibitors or potassium sparing diuretics.

serving size: 3.9 g (1 scoop)
servings per container: 90

1 scoop twice daily, with meals, or as directed by a health professional. 

Satisfaction Policy

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Among professional supplement brands surveyed, Nutrition Business Journal® 2016, 2020

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