Activated B w/SRT (Jigsaw Health)

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Activated B w/SRT
-Appropriate B supplementation can support healthy energy all day long* 
-Active forms + SRT = Super absorption Ideal for those running low on B- 
-Easy on the body, no need for conversion Now with benfotiamine for extra nerve function support*

B-vitamins are used by every cell in the body, every second of the day and 
night. Running low on any one of them can create all kinds of health 

Activated B w/SRT, unlike most B-complex products, provides the ready-to-use, active forms needed by your body. Most vitamin B supplement products contain only the inactive forms, so they are not readily absorbed or utilized and, instead, are quickly eliminated from your body—making them ineffective.

     Activated B w/SRT (Jigsaw Health)

    Available in 120ct tablets.

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