-Microbiome Labs Products

International shipping is available for Microbiome Labs products. A standard $20+ shipping charge applies to typical orders of (1-12 bottles), larger orders, or unique regional pricing may be subject to an additional surcharge prior to shipment.

You can also order direct from Microbiome Labs, visit https://microbiomelabs.com/register/ and use the practitioner code "aznutrition". Once registered, you can order directly from their website. 

-All Products (non-Microbiome Labs)

International shipping is now fully available for most products!

International orders are subject to separate terms and conditions as per promotions, shipping costs, loyalty points, and return policies.

We use different distributors who use different shipping couriers and calculator systems which does not allow us to have a uniform shipping calculator. We are able to process most international orders with minimal back and forth communication prior to the shipment.

Most of the time, shipping costs $20-25, particularly to Canada and Europe. Flat-rate shipping for some products, combined orders, or international regions can sometimes rise to $65-70+ for unique orders or heavier weight products.


If we need to use more than one distributors to fulfill an order, it may increase the shipping charge.

Shipping costs are calculated by the distributors we use and we do not have the flexibility to use alternative couriers than offered by our individual distributors.

Avoid PO Box addresses when you can as it can create issues with servicers.

We often use the manufacturer or distributors as they are able to account for unique international shipping details due to unique product size, packaging, or other unforeseen issues that the manufacturer or distributor will be more skilled at dealing with. They may be able to offer guarantees, replacements or other issues that we are not able to offer locally. 

If a distributor has not shipped to your region before, it can sometimes take 1-3 business days for the company to enter the address into their system and provide a quote & process your shipment.

Let us provide you with a custom quote or more detailed instructions on how to place an order.  Quotes can take up research time and are not available over the phone.

You can also start the process fastest by placing the order and we will reach out to you by email if there are any unique circumstances or shipping surcharge required to process the order.

Include the following in your request:

1.) product name
2.) bottle/jar size (ex. 60 capsule, 120 tablets, etc)
3.) the quantity
4.) full shipping address to expedite your quote.

If we decide to move forward, we can invoice you securely via Paypal and process the order manually for you. You can now also manually place the order and international shipping is available at checkout on the store!

International Policies:

Expect shipping times to take 7-14+ days, can take 30-45+ days. Customs delays, holds, or losses are out of our control. Any duties, taxes, or fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Key Policies:

International shipping is done at the customer’s risk. 

1.) We're responsible for getting the package to arrive in your country for ultimate servicing by customs and your local carriers, if package is then lost, destroyed or stuck in customs, we are no longer responsible for the shipment nor do we receive the product back as most facilities destroy the product. 

2.) Customs may change tracking/ use separate service for local delivery, we are not responsible for any changes once package(s) reach customs.

3.) Any added fees, duties, taxes, or unexpected costs are the responsibility of the customer.

4.) Customer is ultimately responsible regarding regional issues or regulations with specific ingredients or product types.

5.) Shipping charges are at the risk of the customer, no refunds for shipping charges can be provided. Reshipment charges are also the customer's full responsibility.

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