Phone: (480)-442-5819, please leave a voicemail or preferred email address and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.

Using the above form or email is preferred so that we may send you screenshots or link you directly to the information needed.


If the system does not recognize your email address, you may not have officially activated your account. Due to privacy concerns of some customers, the system allows you to check out without an officially activated account.

Check your email archives for an account activation email or ask us to resend your activation email!


If items are not showing in your cart, or if the page is buffering and never switches over to completed payment screen, please evaluate these potential causes:

1.) Are you using Internet Explorer (IE)? M

icrosoft no longer supports Internet Explorer with updates needed for modern shopping carts to work correctly, Please switch to their new Edge browser or use another browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Modern shopping carts do not work with Internet Explorer as they stopped providing updates to encourage people to switch to their new Edge browser.

2.) Do you have pop-up blocker, special privacy browser add-ons, or cookies /cache functions disabled?

This can occasionally cause issues with our checkout integrations and block payment from progressing to a confirmation page.  Our cart shows up as a pop-up and cookies can be used to track your order items as you browse the shop. A possible solution is to try a different browser or temporarily disable settings so that the order can process.

We understand if you wish to keep these browser options activated and you can call in your order (480) 442-5819 or request a manual Paypal or Stripe invoice for your items via this contact form. Please be specific as to bottle size, quantity, shipping address, and other information so as to expedite your request!

If still having any trouble, contact us and we can manually invoice you for your order. Thanks!


Let us know and we may be able to add the product to our shop offerings, or manually process an order for you as well on a case by case basis.

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