Free Shipping Insurance on All Orders

E-commerce can sometimes be a scary place, but at, you can place your order with confidence.

We're proud to now offer Route shipping protection on all orders at our cost!

route shipping insurance on all orders

Your shipments are now protected from loss, damage, and theft.

As soon as you order, you will receive an email from Route - the 3rd party insurance company we use to protect orders.

To clarify, route is not physically shipping the product, they are an insurance entity that will replace or refund your order if a problem arises. The company itself is also backed by insurance.

Expected shipping times apply based on date of shipment - not necessarily the date of order. Weekends, weather, and USPS holidays can still affect delivery time of your order. You can review delivery times here.

If you have a claim to make regarding your shipment, please use the "file claim" link in the route email and route will respond in 24 business hours (see screenshot of email below).

Route Email Screenshot(Check your email for your route order ID and claim link)

If you have trouble finding that email - visit for assistance with your claim or questions regarding the shipment protection.

To prevent fraud from frequent claims, spurious claims, or large purchases, Route may occasionally require pictures and/or a police report to fully replace or refund your claim. Rest assured as Route is in the business of protecting your shipment and want to keep you and our business satisfied. They handle claims fairly and efficiently, with a high degree of professionalism.

Product availability (backorder, out-of-stock, etc.) can change from the time of your initial purchase and may affect our ability to replace shipments. Refunds can still be administered in these rare instances.

Route is a 3rd party entity from and is subject to its own terms and conditions and privacy policy.

In addition to Route shipment protection, you're also protected by our satisfaction policy.

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