Zinc Carnosine (Integrative Therapeutics)

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As we age, zinc status tends to decline.

Carb/sugar intake, vegetarian diets, and illness can also deplete the body of zinc.

Zinc-Carnosine contains the PepZin GI® brand of zinc-carnosine to support a healthy gastrointestinal lining* and relieve occasional, temporary and mild gastric discomforts.* Support male and female hormone health*.  Support immune health*. Support taste sensation*

Zinc Carnosine is a highly underappreciated combination ingredient that provides additional support than either zinc or carnosine by themselves.

zinc carnosine integrative therapeutics

This supplement provides 75 mg of zinc-carnosine per capsule, which matches the dosage used in research. 

This provides 16 mg of elemental zinc twice daily.

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60ct bottle.

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