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MegaMucosa is the first complete mucosal support supplement of its kind, formulated to support a healthy mucosal barrier. MegaMucosa also contains dairy-free immunoglobulins clinically shown to support a healthy immune system in the mucosa and a state-of-the-art flavobiotic shown to support microbial diversity and short-chain fatty acid production.*

Supplement Facts

Mega Mucosa (Microbiome Labs) Supplement Facts

*Similar to Stevia, Luo Han Guo is a monk fruit extract used as a natural, non-caloric plant sweetener. 

Intake Instructions

Take 1 scoop daily with or without food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Mix into 16 oz of cold water or liquid of your choice.

Ingredient Descriptions


MegaMucosa™ also contains dairy-free immunoglobulins clinically shown to support a healthy immune response in the mucosa and a state-of-the-art flavobiotic clinically shown to support microbial diversity and alleviate barrier dysfunction, otherwise known as leaky gut.**

ImmunoLin is a dairy-free immunoglobulin concentrate supports healthy digestion, neutralizes environmental toxins, and helps to REBUILD protective intestinal barriers. These IgG antibodies can reduce the damage of metabolic endotoxemia and neutralize LPS, an endotoxin that triggers mucosal activation.

Whey-free, Lactose-free, Casein-free, and Beta-lactoglobulin-free.

Key Amino Acid Support
There are four key amino acids that play an important role in the production of intestinal mucosa include:

L-proline, L-serine, L-cysteine, and L-threonine.
These four amino acids have been shown to increase mucin2 production & stimulate mucin synthesis in the colon, resulting in a thicker and healthier mucosal barrier.

A Unique Natural Citrus Extract - MicrobiomeX
MicrobiomeX® is a natural citrus extract rich in polyphenols that supports digestive health & immunity by increasing microbial diversity in the gut & improving gut barrier function.

A clinical study using 500mg of citrus fruit extract found a significant increase in short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) composition & a reduction in fecal calprotectin.

Both results suggest that citrus polyphenols can reduce inflammation & modulate the microbial composition in the gut.

Use alone or alongside Megasporebiotic, RestorFlora, HU58, MegaPrebiotic, Mega IgG2000,  & more.

complete gut protocol


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