H-Drain (Transformation Enzyme)

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Supports the circulatory system for healthy blood circulation*
Transformation’s H-Drain is a concentrated, rapidly assimilated herbal product that assists the circulatory system.*

The circulatory system services the diverse needs of the body’s various tissues. This includes the transportation of nutrients to the interstitium for the cell, the removal of cellular waste debris, and the carrying of hormones from their site of production to their site of activation. Any alteration in minerals, fats, and/or concentrations of cellular waste can easily change the overall viscosity of this ever-flowing river and result in common symptoms such as fatigue.

This concentrated, rapidly-assimilated herbal product assists the body to eliminate metabolic waste, maintain tissue fluids, and therefore promote optimal survival and functioning of the body’s cells.*

Herbal Ingredients: The herbal extracts sarsaparilla, yellow dock, ginger, and burdock are included in this product to help support a healthy circulatory system.*

Vegetarian-Friendly: H-Drain is a liquid formula in a glycerine base. Glycerine (glycerol) is a sugar alcohol but is not metabolized the same as sugar and therefore will not negatively affect blood sugars.

Natural Support: For optimum results, combine with a protease formula and K-Drain or L-Drain.

Health Benefits of H-Drain
Transformation’s H-Drain is a safe and effective formulation of herbal extracts specific for supporting blood rheology designed to assist the circulatory system in its normal daily functions.*

Supplement Facts

H-Drain (Transformation Enzyme) Supplement Facts

Recommended Usage
Take one (1) dropper in a small amount of water between meals 3-4 times daily or as directed by a health care practitioner.

In general, herbs are not recommended during pregnancy, lactation, or for children 12 years or younger. 

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