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TruFiber is a tasteless fiber powder combined with fiber digesting enzymes which work together to provide prebiotic nutrition for beneficial bacteria.

SunFiber®, our fiber source, has been clinically shown to improve regularity*. TruFiber may provide a satiated feeling for those looking to support normal hunger cravings*

TruFiber powers probiotics to be more effective:

Two (2) sources of prebiotic fiber combine with three bifidogenic enzymes to provide stimulating nutrition for Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics (Patent Pending). Dissolves fast, clear and flavor-free without thickening. Each serving provides 14% of the Daily Value for fiber.

TruFiber features Sunfiber, Inulin and Fiberase
Sunfiber and Inulin are clinically proven to improve regularity while enhancing the growth of probiotics*. Fiberase enzymes enhance the bioavailability of dietary fiber to further stimulate probiotics*.

TruFiber is vegetarian, it contains no wheat, gluten, soy, corn, rye, milk, casein, peanuts, yeast or animal products.

Available in 6.2oz Bottles

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