Biotagen (Klaire Labs) - Prebiotic Powder or Capsules

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Biotagen® is a high-potency prebiotic formula to optimize gut flora & support bowel & immune system function.

Prebiotics feed & maintain healthy gut bacteria. Biotagen is a cost-effective blend containing 3 unique prebiotics at high dose.

The powder contains more potency per dose & cost than the capsules, but the capsules may provide personal convenience.

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BiotaGen® is recommended to nutritionally support optimal gastrointestinal function, promote populations of healthful colonic bacteria, & enhance gastrointestinal and systemic immune function. BiotaGen® works synergistically with probiotics to assure intestinal microbiota balance.

Inulin is an inulin-type fructan best known for its ability to sustain increases in populations of BifidobacteriumLactobacillus, and Eubacterium, an important butyrate-producing species indigenous to the bowel.

Arabinogalactan a polysaccharide derived from the Western Larch tree, is a highly soluble dietary fiber that enhances immune function by promoting cytokine production & increasing the number of natural killer cells. Indigestible by human enzymes, arabinogalactan exerts prebiotic properties including the ability to selectively stimulate Lactobacillus species. Arabinogalactan is metabolized to short-chain fatty acids (acetate, butyrate, and propionate) & reduces ammonia production.

Beta-glucan, a glucose polysaccharide prebiotic fiber, has broad, beneficial effects on immune function through enhancement of monocytes and macrophages. Beta-glucan stimulates immune responses to a wide spectrum of fungal, and undesirable microorganisms. 

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