Myomax (60 capsules)- Vitamin K2 Supplement (Microbiome Labs)

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Myomax is a K2-7 supplement geared towards improving muscle performance and endurance. Like MegaQuinone K2-7, it also supports cardiovascular health*.

Many Americans are deficient in vitamin K as it is typically found in certain fermented foods. K2 keeps calcium in bone & out of arteries & helps with mitochondrial activity.
The added calcium pyruvate in Myomax helps support energy production*.

Myomax Product Information
  • Maintains calcium balance in body and vascular systems
  • Supports mitochondrial energy* (ATP production). Mitochondria are most dense in muscle tissue, especially heart tissue.
  • Supports heart* & vascular health*

A small clinical trial from the University of North Texas reported that 8 week supplementation with vitamin K2 resulted in a significant 12% increase in maximal cardiac output (p<0.031)*.

The increase in maximal cardiac output reported in the study translates to improvements typically seen only after 6-9 months of cardiovascular training.

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myo max

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