Ultimate Monolaurin® - 7oz (Inspired Nutrition)

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A Brief History

Early South Sea Island explorers often wondered why the island natives seemed to stay healthier than the American Indians did when Caucasian people mixed with them.  In fact, the island natives didn’t seem to catch much of anything. That is, until some of the natives started eating a ‘western’ diet.  Then their health would begin to suffer - while those on native diets stayed healthy! 

Scientists eventually decided that it was due to the coconut.  Much later, Michigan State University researchers discovered what happened when we eat coconut.  Our body adds glycerol to the lauric acid in coconut and converts about 3% of it into a nutrient called monolaurin.  Since monolaurin is in its highest concentration in nature in mother's milk, they suspected monolaurin might be the magic bullet responsible.

Since then, hundreds of clinical studies on monolaurin have been conducted by universities and clinical labs around the world with exciting results.  The monolaurin legend began to grow and is now here to stay.  All we have done is move the conversion ratio of the lauric acid to monolaurin from about 3% to 95%.

What Makes Our Monolaurin the "Ultimate"?    

Actually, our body adds glycerol to other coconut acids, as well, and converts them into monoglycerides of MonoCaprin, MonoCaprylin and MonoMyristin.  We wanted to combine them together as a family and offer a little fuller spectrum of the coconut monoglycerides than others.  So, we have included our exclusive"MonoCaprin Plus"™ to provide:  

Minimum: 95%  MonoLaurin
Plus up to: 2%  MonoMyristin
  2%  MonoCaprin

Our Ultimate Monolaurin® is the fullest blend of these monoglycerides available.  

Ultimate Monolaurin - 7oz (Inspired Nutrition)


Our Ultimate Monolaurin® is concentrated in easy to take pellets - without the wasted fillers and materials in capsules.  One teaspoon of our monolaurin has 3,000 mg!  Pellets Vs. Capsules

Compared to a 500 mg capsule:

 1 tsp. of pellets equals 6 capsules
 7 oz. container equals average bottles of capsules


Ultimate Monolaurin® - 7oz (Inspired Nutrition)


Ultimate Monolaurin - 7oz (Inspired Nutrition)


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