Microbiome Labs Total Gut Restoration Protocol

microbiome labs protocol

Microbiome Labs' Recondition, Reinforce, Rebuild Protocol:

How do Megasporebiotic, Mega IgG2000, Megaprebiotic & MegaMucosa work together in a protocol?

Here are the guidelines - Individual circumstances vary! 

total gut restoration megasporebiotic

Step 1 (Weeks 1-4):

a.) Start with MegasporebioticTaper up to full intake of 2 capsules once per day with food. 
b.) Add Mega IgG2000 (4 capsules/day) to help with die-off symptoms.
c.) More involved cases may taper in RestorFlora, and/or HU58.

If these supports are too much, start with MegaMucosa to support healing of the gut lining and tolerance to the other products.

-Taper in MegaMycobalance if you suspect yeast involvement.
-Use MegaGuard for stomach inflammation, mucosal & motility support if needed.
-Wheat Rescue can be used to mitigate unexpected gluten exposures. We do not naturally produce the enzyme needed to process gluten so it causes leaky gut in all that consume wheat, rye, and barley products as fast as 5 minutes following consumption - even in the absence of an immune or sensitivity reaction!
-MegaOmega is a full-spectrum omega 3 supplement complete with DPA (the "forgotten" omega-3) and pro-resolving mediators (PRMs/SPMs) utilized for support of systemic and gut inflammation - and to support normal omega-6: omega-3 ratio. It's the first fish oil designed to support inflammation specific to the gut.

total gut restoration megaprebioticREINFORCE
Step 2 (Weeks 5-8):

a.) Finish out Mega IgG2000. Continue if it is helping with detox symptoms.
b.) Continue taking Megasporebiotic (and RestorFlora and/or HU58 if indicated)
c.) Add MegaPrebiotic. Start with 1/2 a scoop a day before moving to 1 full scoop in a drink of water.

Megaprebiotic Capsules also now available!

megamucosa total gut restoration

Step 3 (Weeks 9+):

a.) Add MegaMucosa - take 1 scoop daily in a drink. Can take separately or with MegaPrebiotic in the same drink. Megaprebiotic also offered in capsules!

b.) Continue taking Megasporebiotic, MegaPrebiotic, and MegaMucosa until the situation improves.

Buy all three total gut restoration products together with the Microbiome Labs MegaPack

microbiome labs gut protocol instructions

-MegaMycobalance (Undecylenic acid and Bee propolis) can be used if you suspect yeast
-MegaGuard (Licorice flavonoids/Gutgard, Artichoke, and high-potency Ginger) can be used both short and long-term mucosal & motility support, gallbladder health, and is regarded to support normal levels of H. pylori.
-Wheat Rescue (gluten-digesting enzymes) can be used to mitigate unexpected gluten exposures.
-MegaOmega (EPA, DHA, DPA, PRMs/SPMs) to support intestinal and whole body inflammation.

microbiome labs protocol

Microbiome Labs is also now proud to offer BiomeFx - Personalized Microbiome Analysis to give you a wellness benchmark of how well your protocol is working to improve the health of the microbiome. Take the guesswork out of how to improve it.

how to order biomefx stool testing

Learn how diverse and healthy your microbiome is compared to one of the largest and most accurate databases for healthy guts with the most accurate whole genome testing technology.

Discover personalized diet, supplemental, and lifestyle strategies on how to improve key ratios of healthy flora. Testing is a "nice to know" and not essential to experience changes with the Total Gut Restoration protocol but is available to those who want to take their strategy to the next level.microbiome labs total gut restoration protocol

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