Microbiome Labs Total Gut Restoration Protocol

microbiome labs protocol

Microbiome Labs' Recondition, Reinforce, Rebuild Protocol:

How do Megasporebiotic, Mega IgG2000, Megaprebiotic & MegaMucosa work together in a protocol?

Here are the guidelines - Individual circumstances vary!

Step 1 (Weeks 1-4):

a.) Start with MegasporebioticTaper up to full intake of 2 capsules once per day with food. 
b.) Add Mega IgG2000 (4 capsules/day) to help with die-off symptoms.
c.) More involved cases may taper in RestorFlora, and/or HU58.

If these supports are too much, start with MegaMucosa to support healing of the gut lining and tolerance to the other products.

Taper in MegaMycobalance if you suspect yeast involvement.

Step 2 (Weeks 5-8):

a.) Finish out Mega IgG2000. Continue if it is helping with detox symptoms.
b.) Continue taking Megasporebiotic (and RestorFlora and/or HU58 if indicated)
c.) Add MegaPrebiotic. Start with 1/2 a scoop a day before moving to 1 full scoop in a drink of water.

Step 3 (Weeks 9+):

a.) Add MegaMucosa - take 1 scoop daily in a drink. Can take separately or with MegaPrebiotic in the same drink.

b.) Continue taking Megasporebiotic, MegaPrebiotic, and MegaMucosa until the situation improves.

Personalized Coaching Available:

We cannot offer individual dosing advice. Use these as guidelines and seek expert advice as needed.

If you would like to work one-on-one with Dr. Alexander Rinehart on a gut healing protocol, please visit https://www.AZNutritionCenter.com.

Set up a complimentary 15-minute Health Audit to see if we can help!

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