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BiomeFX is a new stool testing technology recently launched by Microbiome Labs.

Early adopters like you will be excited about the potential of BiomeFx testing.

Of all the factors that are behind gastrointestinal issues such as IBD, IBS, and more, there are mixed results as to which bacteria are "healthy" or "unhealthy" as it pertains to normal and sick guts.

What we do know is that high microbial diversity is characteristic of healthy guts. And, low microbial diversity is characteristic of unhealthy guts.

We also know general macroscopic ratios between groups of bacteria tend to be present in healthy guts and unhealthy guts.

BiomeFx uses the best of current technology to give you insights into the microbial diversity and functional health of the gut. 

biomfx stool test benefits and differences

Upon ordering a kit, client information will be registered. Follow kit instructions and mail the sample back to the lab. The reported processing timeline to receive results in as little as 2 weeks!

Test results can take up to 5+ weeks. Delays due to shipping crises, pandemic guidelines, weather, and labor shortages are out of our control and may delay results outside of reported windows. Follow-up testing is recommended 2-6 months apart.

This is a functional test to determine the overall diversity of the gut microbiome, key microbe ratios, and other functional criteria.

This is not a diagnostic test - yet a valuable tool to see how well your gut is functioning, and more importantly, how it is responding to your diet and lifestyle protocol.

The same CosmosID technology/database analysis is used by the FDA to identify foodborne pathogens and is validated to return strain-level identification of a range of microbes and their genes.

View a Sample Report (layout and information can update at any time)


You are responsible for the interpretation of the results.

Sample articles and protocols provided on the store or blog are for educational purposes and are not intended to treat, prevent, manage, or diagnose disease.

Further research and inquiry are your responsibility.

Testing is not available for international clients outside of the US. Forwarding addresses cannot be used.

Refunds are not available for any test kit that is received by the lab or undergoes processing - the registration cost for unused kits is subject to our existing return policy (see link in footer).

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