120/80 Blood Pressure (Advanced Nutrition by Zahler)

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  • Cardiovascular health formula
  • Supports healthy blood pressure levels
  • Contains Hibiscus Flower Extract, Grape Seed Extract and more


Zahler's 120/80 is an innovative formula which includes well-researched and clinically studied ingredients known to support healthy blood pressure levels, which are critical for cardiovascular health. High blood pressure can potentially lead to serious cardiovascular disease if left unchecked. An improvement in diet, lifestyle, and natural supplements can go a long way to managing high blood pressure. The powerful combination in the 120/80 formula together with a healthy diet and improved life habits promote healthy blood pressure levels and a healthy cardiovascular system.


120/80 Blood Pressure (Advanced Nutrition by Zahler) Supplement Facts 


If my blood pressure is only slightly elevated but I have a family history of high blood pressure, can I take the 120/80?

  • Yes, the 120/80 supports healthy blood pressure levels. This supplement can be taken to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

If I am on medication for high blood pressure, can I use the 120/80?

  • Since the blood pressure medications lower blood pressure and 120/80 supports healthy blood pressure levels, we are concerned that when taking both the supplement and the medication at the same time, the blood pressure may go too low. Hence, it is crucial to be extremely careful in such a situation and to discuss taking this or any other supplement with your primary care physician. If your PCP recommends that you work with the 120/80, it's important to continuously monitor the blood pressure to ensure that it does not go too low. We also recommend discussing with your primary care physician if lowering the dose of medication is an option for you at all if the blood pressure drops. Please also note, supplements and medications should never be taken within the same two hours. 


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