ABP1 Assist (Professional Health Products®)

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ABP1 Assist

ABP1 Assist (HISTA/GUT) contains diamine oxidase (DAO), an enzyme naturally found in the digestive tract that aids in the degradation of histamine. This formulation also includes potent polyphenols, glandular thymus tissue and a critical cofactor for the DAO enzyme, vitamin B6. When the gut is inflamed, under stress, or “leaky”, DAO production can be disrupted, leading to increased inflammation in the body by way of histamine overload, which further spurs on gut injury. Oral replacement of DAO with this product is important for an array of health conditions and pairs well with Histamine Scavenger and MC Balancer for further histamine-scavenging effects.

Supplement Facts

ABP1 Assist (Professional Health Products®) Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients: Organic brown rice flour, Organic rice extract blend, Delayed Release Capsule (Hypromellose and Gellan)

Suggested Use
As a nutritional supplement, take two caps before a meal high in histamine-rich foods or as directed by your Health Care Professional.

If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your Health Care Professional before using. 

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