Betaine HCl Pepsin (Doctors Best)

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Natural relief.
Just what the doctor ordered. Betaine HCI, Pepsin & Gentian Bitters from Doctor’s Best features three nutritional factors designed to support your digestive process.* These complimentary ingredients work in tandem to break down food, as well as ease occasional gas and bloating.* Take this supplement with food, three times a day, to maintain proper digestive function and overall health.* A long name...for fast-acting relief.

Time-tested and approved.
Betaine HCI, Pepsin & Gentian Bitters is thoughtfully formulated with natural ingredients to ease digestive discomfort.* Native to parts of Europe and Asia, Gentian is an herb that has been used extensively by traditional herbalists - due to its bitter constituents that assist in digestion. Gentian has also been shown to encourage gastric secretions, as well as promote choleretic activity.*

Supplement Facts

Betaine HCl Pepsin (Doctors Best) Supplement Facts

Each serving contains 650 mg of betaine HCI, 250,000 FCC units of pepsin, and 20 mg of gentian. Take one capsule three times daily, with food. 

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