Dead Sea Salt Scrub (Shankara Inc)

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Dead Sea Salt Scrub 
Exfoliates, purifies & smooths skin.

Remove unwanted dead skin cells through a blend of sea and mineral salts that have been infused with carefully selected botanical ingredients to refine, purify, and restore all skin types. Through deep exfoliation the skin is softened, stimulated, nourished, and freed of impurities.

Shankara offers natural products that fuse the best of East and West to nourish your skin and restore your natural radiance. Founded in 2001, the line brings together Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, with the modern science of actives and antioxidants through modern manufacturing methods. The result is a unique line of natural, result-oriented products. Made with loving care and sustainable practices in small batches in Reagan Wells, Texas, the products seek to promote not just healthy skin, but overall well-being.

The magic of Ayurveda? Not only is it natural, it's customized to you. It is not a one-size fits all solution, but a holistic approach to well-being, which includes your skin.

That being said, there are certain products that are suitable to anybody. This is where Shankara's Tri-Dosha Collection comes in. The Tri-Dosha formulas make a welcome addition to any personal beauty routine.

  • Intensive exfoliation with a blend of sea and mineral salts infused with botanical ingredients to refine and purify all skin types
  • Deeply exfoliates, leaving skin soft and nourished
  • Removes dead skin cells and impurities
  • Stimulates and detoxifies

Ingredients: Fossilized mineral salts; Fenugreek powder, Sunflower oil powder, Neem powder, Orange peel powder, Yucca root powder, Barley flour, lemon peel powder, Honey powder, Amla, Papaya leaves powder, Turmeric powder, Amorphous diatomaceous earth, Spirulina, Bladderwrack powder, Ashwagandha powder, Brahmi, Manjista powder.

Suggested Use
Apply dry powder to wet palm or cloth or sponge and vigorously massage over wet skin, then rinse off. for a richer moisturizing treatment, mix equal parts of the scrub and your choice of body oil. Follow with Daily Repair Body Treatment and Shankara Body Oil or Body Silk of your choice.

Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat and light. Once opened use within 6 months. 

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