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ecoProbiotic is an organic probiotic elixir with 8 clinically-studied strains of live beneficial bacteria, 19 digestive herbs, and pre-biotic nutrients. This concentrated, fermented formula provides fast-acting, digestive and microbiome support, in a highly bioavailable liquid form.*

Broad-Spectrum Support for Optimal Health

ecoProbiotic offers dynamic, broad-spectrum support for microbiome balance, healthy GI function, and immunity. This synergistic formula combines eight diverse, clinically-studied strains of live lactic acid bacteria and pectic oligosaccharide (POS) prebiotic nutrients, fermented with organically-grown botanicals that provide additional benefits for digestive wellness and healthy immune function.*

Fast-Acting, Tart-Berry Elixir
As a liquid probiotic elixir, ecoProbiotic is more potent and bioavailable, delivering faster digestive relief and support compared to capsule-based probiotics.

ecoProbiotic has an invigorating tart berry taste that rapidly wakes up your entire digestive system the moment it hits your tongue. Just one splash and you know you're getting all the active benefits of organic digestive herbs together with powerful pre + probiotics. Enjoy it straight or mix it with water or juice for a revitalizing drink.

Bioavailable and Fast-Acting
Concentrated within a unique, fermented liquid delivery system, the live beneficial bacteria in ecoProbiotic are highly viable, bioavailable, and long-lasting. Essential prebiotic nutrients from citrus pectin nourish and potentiate healthy bacterial populations. Multi-functional, fermented botanicals support digestive wellness, motility and a healthy GI environment, with additional health benefits.*

ecoProbiotic delivers fast-acting support for digestive wellness while optimizing microbiome balance, enhancing nutrient absorption, and supporting healthy immune function.*

Clinically-Studied Live Probiotic Strains
Bifidobacterium lactis (B. lactis) supports nutrient absorption and defends healthy bacterial populations. B. lactis converts carbohydrates into lactic acid, vitamin B, and other key nutrients, and encourages an optimal low pH environment for healthy microbiome populations to thrive. It also promotes healthy intestinal function and digestion.*

Bifidobacterium longum promotes a healthy gut environment and supports GI lining integrity; converts carbohydrates into lactic acid and prebiotic oligosaccharides into energy. It also supports healthy immune function, mood, and other areas.*

Lactobacillus acidophilus produces vitamin K and other nutrients that support a healthy microbiome. It also supports metabolic balance, immune function and other areas.*

Lactobacillus casei supports GI lining integrity, and promotes colon cellular health, metabolic balance, and other areas.*

Lactobacillus rhamnosus supports digestive health, respiratory health, immunity, and other areas.*

Lactobacillus salivarius supports digestive health, oral hygiene, immunity, and other areas.*

Lactococcus lactis converts a variety of carbohydrates to lactic acid for a healthy GI environment, and supports the immune system through interaction with the gut mucosa. It also produces nisin, which favors the growth of healthy probiotic bacteria.*

Streptococcus thermophilus produces beneficial amounts of lactic acid and bacterial metabolites that promote a healthy microbiome. It also supports immunity, cardiovascular function, and other areas.*


What is in ecoProbiotic?
ecoProbiotic contains 8 different cultures of living lactic acid bacteria, organic acids and herbal extract. ecoProbiotic is a natural product, which contains no preservatives, sugar or dairy ingredients.

What are lactic acid bacteria?
The term “lactic acid bacteria” covers a number of live microorganisms, single or mixed cultures of e.g. lactobacillus bacteria and bifido-bacteria that produce organic acids.

What are organic acids?
Organic acids are derived from organic compounds. These acids are naturally present in the intestines and are formed by e.g. lactic acid bacteria. In ecoProbiotic the organic acids are present in the form of lactic acid and acetic acid amongst others.

Does ecoProbiotic contain milk?
No. ecoProbiotic contains lactic acid bacteria, which is often associated with dairy products. Lactic acid bacteria are so called, because they convert sugars to organic acids, primarily lactic acid (and acetic acid). So they have nothing to do with milk, and ecoProbiotic can be drunk by people with lactose intolerance.

Does ecoProbiotic contain gluten?
No. None of the ingredients in ecoProbiotic contains gluten.

Is it normal that ecoProbiotic carbonates?
Yes, it is just as normal, that ecoProbiotic carbonates as if it doesn't. Neither are signs of poorer quality.

When do I drink ecoProbiotic?
ecoProbiotic can be drunk at any time. Some prefer drinking it on an empty stomach, while others prefer to drink it in relation to meals.

Can I drink ecoProbiotic while on antibiotic?
Antibiotics work by killing bacteria, and therefore also the lactic acid bacteria in ecoProbiotic. Antibiotics do not however influence the content of organic acids and herbal extract.

Should I drink ecoProbiotic, or can I mix it with something?
ecoProbiotic can easily be mixed with water, juice, smoothies etc. The only thing you should bear in mind is, that lactic acid bacteria feed on the nutrients in the substance (e.g. sugar, which is converted to acids). You should therefore mix it immediately before ingestion.

Can I drink too much ecoProbiotic?
ecoProbiotic only contains natural ingredients, and there is no risk of drinking too much. It is however advised to try out various amounts to see what is right for you. We recommend 20-30ml (4-6 US teaspoons) per day, but if you feel that you would like to drink more, you can easily do so.

Is ecoProbiotic organic certified?
Yes! ecoProbiotic is certified organic!

ecoProbiotic (EcoNugenics) Supplement Facts

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, drink 20 ml (4 teaspoons), 1 to 3 times per day, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Can be taken straight, or mixed with water, juice or your favorite beverage. Be sure to consume immediately after mixing.

For best taste, chill before drinking.

Not a fan of the tart, sour taste? ecoProbiotic has a sour taste due to the powerful combination of herbs and organic acids. If the taste doesn’t agree with you, try adding to juice, or add a dash of healthy sweetener.

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