Feline Basic (Thorne Vet)

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Feline Basic

ThorneVet’s Feline Basic Nutrients is a foundational multi-vitamin/mineral supplement – in powder form for easy dosing – that supports all phases of a cat’s life. The broad range of nutrients in Feline Basic Nutrients provides 21 essential vitamins and minerals that help maintain the foundational health of cats at every age, plus 8 additional synergistic nutrients – amino acids, probiotics, fatty acids, a potent botanical antioxidant, and a carbocyclic sugar – that enhance a cat’s multiple bodily structures, functions, and processes.

Key Nutritional Support Features

  • Optimizes every-day feline health and vitality to enhance quality of life
  • Nutritional support for liver, heart, eye, GI, cardiovascular, skin, and immune health
  • Vitamins and minerals in their most tissue-ready, bioavailable forms
  • Nutrients that can readily meet a cat’s increased need for nutritional support

Product Facts

Feline Basic (Thorne Vet)

Suggested Use Serving Size:
Cats: 1 scoop two times daily (or two scoops once daily)

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