Heartburn Tx (Vital Nutrients)

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  • Supports integrity of gastric mucosal lining.
  • Soothes gastrointestinal tract.
  • Promotes healthy pH balance in digestive tract.
  • Free of coatings, binders, gluten (wheat, rye, barley), milk/dairy (casein, whey), soy protein, egg protein, sugar.
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More Information:

Heartburn Tx is a combination of herbs and nutrients designed to work synergistically and provide relief of occasional heartburn and indigestion. Deglycyrrhized Licorice (DGL) and Aloe Vera are added to help soothe the GI tract, while Zinc helps promote and maintain the integrity of the gastric mucosal lining. L-Glutamine and N-Acetyl-Glucosamine to provide fuel, protection, and structural support for gastrointestinal mucosal cells. The addition of Glycine also promotes healthy pH balance in digestive tract.

Heartburn Tx Vital Nutrients

How to Use:

1 teaspoon, 2-3 times daily as needed or as directed by your healthcare professional. Mix in small amount of water, juice, or a liquid of your choice. 

Warning: If pregnant, consult your physician before taking.

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