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Kefiran is a superior probiotic formula with over 50 billion active probiotic cultures (at time of production) to help optimize digestive health. For hundreds of years, kefir milk has been deemed one of the world’s oldest probiotics. However, with kefir milk came quite a few drawbacks, like gluey texture, sour taste and it being dairy. Kefiran was developed to be the highly effective alternative to kefir milk. Just two Kefiran capsules a day contain the same amount of kefiran polysaccharide as found in a quart of kefir milk! Plus…Kefiran is dairy free, lactose free, gluten free...and its vegan!*

For healthy digestion and well-being.*

Kefir or (Kefir Grains) have been around for centuries, with legends claiming that Kefir was the key to vigor and longevity. Today, Kefir is rapidly growing in popularity among health-conscious consumers in the U.S as it is known for its probiotic value and health support benefits. Kefir fermented health drinks have become a leader in the probiotics market with reported benefits supporting healthy digestion, intestinal health and overall well-being.*

The best of traditional Kefir in a veggie capsule.

Kefiran offers the best of the traditional kefir drink, but in an easy-to-swallow veggie capsule. Kefiran gives you 20mg of kefiran, the kefir polysaccharide plus 50 billion active probiotic cultures in a daily serving of just two capsules.

An easier way to enjoy the benefits of Kefir.

The most common complaints about traditional Kefir drinks are their unusual taste and texture; the dairy and gluten in Kefir also are a problem for some. Vegans stay away from Kefir because it comes from an animal source.

Kefiran is the perfect solution for those wanting to enjoy the benefits of kefir without the inconvenience. Kefiran contains no dairy, no lactose nor gluten, plus it is vegan friendly and low in calories.

Two capsules of Kefiran contain:

  • 20mg of the kefiran polysaccharide, the same amount found in a quart of traditional kefir milk
  • 50 billion active probiotic cultures (at time of production)
  • 7 different probiotic strains

Dietary Considerations

  • Dairy/ Milk Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Lactose Free
  • Non-GMO

Supplement Facts

Kefiran (Lane Innovative)

Suggested Use
Directions: For best results, take two capsules daily with a light meal.

Kefiran polysaccharide from fermented non-GMO rice. Manufactured in a GMP facility. Store in a dry place at 72 F or below. Best if refrigerated. 

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