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Many toxins are stored in fat. Since fat burning is an essential part of keto, toxin release and recirculation in the body can promote unpleasant symptoms known as “keto flu”. This protocol optimizes ketosis while binding and helping to eliminate toxins.*

Detox to Minimize ‘Keto Flu’

Keto Before 6® – This revolutionary formula drives true ketosis, unlike the faux-keto state that exogenous ketones present. Our use of targeted nutraceuticals help rapidly shift the body into ketosis in a matter of hours. This allows for a more well-rounded, sustainable diet that supports healthy weight, energy production, cognitive performance, and cellular regeneration. It also enhances the liver’s ability to push toxins out and promote bile flow.*

Ultra Binder® – This broad-spectrum binder ‘catches’ toxins in the GI tract, preparing them for elimination and help to prevent their reabsorption.*

A Smarter Way to Keto – Save yourself the trouble of ‘keto flu’ and use these products alongside any standard or intermittent keto diets. Ultra Binder® will be most effective during the first two weeks, but can be used as needed to support detox.*

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ultra binder 

How To Use

Keto Before 6®: Take 1 dose (5 ml / 1 tsp) in the morning upon rising on an empty stomach and 1 dose (5 ml / 1 tsp) in the afternoon on an empty stomach. Wait at least 20 minutes before eating.

Ultra Binder®: Mix 1 tsp into 8 oz of water. Drink 45 minutes after taking Keto Before 6™ and wait 20 minutes before eating. Take a second dose before bedtime. Protocol length: Upon beginning a keto diet protocol (the first 2 weeks of taking KB6), or as needed when experiencing “keto flu”. 

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