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Poor quality sleep is a common issue when transitioning to a Keto diet, especially during the first few weeks. Optimize ketosis and promote restful sleep with Keto Before 6® and natural LipoCalm™ sleep aid.

Fast Relief for Keto Sleeplessness

Keto Before 6® – This revolutionary product’s central purpose is to rapidly return the body to a keto state while allowing for greater dietary freedom. Enjoy (occasional) carbs and cheat meals, without the major setbacks.*

LipoCalm™ – Soothe the restless mind, promote restorative sleep, and wake more refreshed. This balanced blend of PharmaGABA®, the botanicals skullcap and passion flower, and chamomile oil is designed to be a fast-acting response to everyday tensions.*

A Smarter Way To Keto – Can be taken on a standard or intermittent keto diet. These products are enhanced by liposomal absorption for fast-acting results.

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Keto Before 6® Sleep Bundle (Quicksilver Scientific)
Keto Before 6® Sleep Bundle (Quicksilver Scientific)

How To Use

Keto Before 6®: Take 1 dose (5 ml / 1 tsp) in the morning upon rising on an empty stomach and 1 dose (5 ml / 1 tsp) in the afternoon on an empty stomach. Wait at least 20 minutes before eating.

LipoCalm®: Take 4 pumps, hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Best if taken on an empty stomach. Can be taken in the evening to promote relaxation or 30 minutes before bedtime to support the ability to fall and stay asleep.

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