Organic Astragalus Extract (Dr. Mercola)

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Organic Astragalus Extract - 60 TABLETS

Astragalus has long been recognized as a foundational herb of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and believed to be the most important tonifying adaptogenic herbs for the body’s many systems and functions, including Qi – the body’s “life source” and protective energy against everyday stressors.

In Western medicine, the immune system is considered the primary energy of the body – much like the role of Qi in TCM.

Astragalus supports health in two ways:

It’s a potent adaptogen that helps your body deal with physical, mental and emotional stress.

It is also one of the most powerful immune-supporting herbs in the world. It actively supports your body’s natural defense mechanisms and it promotes a balanced immune response against everyday stressors.*

Not only is astragalus potentially beneficial for supporting immune health and a healthy stress response, studies show it also offers support for your lungs, cells, liver and kidneys, bones, muscles, cardiovascular system and reproductive health.*

Important factors to consider when choosing an astragalus supplement are purity and strength. Surprisingly, few formulas are standardized to the most valuable components in astragalus – especially polysaccharides. For optimal benefits, you want a product that is standardized to levels of polysaccharides.

Our Organic Astragalus Extract is:

USDA Certified Organic, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product grown without potentially harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Standardized to provide 300 mg of polysaccharides per two-tablet serving.

Prepared using pure water extraction without high heat, solvents or toxic chemicals.

Give yourself the unique combination of soothing support to help you meet the stresses of everyday life along with reliable support for your body’s responses, and order your supply of Organic Astragalus Extract today.*

Supplement Facts

Organic Astragalus Extract (Dr. Mercola)

SUGGESTED USE: Adults, as a dietary supplement, take one 1 tablet twice daily with a meal.

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