Pure Omega Liquid - High Potency Liquid Fish Oil (Integrative Therapeutics)

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Sustainably Sourced Fish Oil Tested for Purity

Pure Omega Liquid provides a total of 2300 mg omega-3s in one teaspoon.

  • 1500 mg EPA
  • 500 mg DHA
  • 300 mg other

Features of Pure Omega Liquid:

  • Triglyceride form of Omega-3
  • Utilizes molecular distillation
  • No fishy burp backs
  • Utilizes a proprietary green tea preservation system to prevent oxidation
  • Sustainably sourced from anchovies, sardines & mackerel in Peruvian waters
  • Natural lemon flavor

    Pure Omega Check: Every lot of Pure Omega is tested for purity and labeled potency claims. 


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    200mL liquid, 40 servings.

    Also Available:

    90ct Pure Omega Ultra HP (higher potency EPA/DHA  softgels)

    120ct Pure Omega HP (softgels)


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