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Super Strength Oreganol

Oreganol P73 is the original and only truly wild full-spectrum, whole food oregano oil, 100% Mediterranean-source. SuperStrength is 300% more potent than regular strength. It’s handpicked and ethically harvested plus never farm-raised. Use the SuperStrength as a daily use immune support supplement, one capsule daily.

What's inside?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
There are countless benefits from the regular intake of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, including major support for cardiovascular health. It also supports a healthy digestion and when of high quality, it supports healthy digestion, especially in regard to the liver and gallbladder. The oil is also excellent for skin and hair health. That's why it is the major carrier oil for North American Herb & Spice supplements.

Beneficial for: Digestive system and kidney and bladder health.

Oregano Oil:
No corruption by genetically modified plants or poisonous pesticides. Original wild, high-mountain P73 oregano with the power of photonic energy, of mountain rocks and sun. Contains the flavonoid quercetin as well as the key minerals calcium and magnesium.

Beneficial for: healthy aging, children's health, and immune system.

  • Charged with sun energy
  • Pure stream extracted
  • Scientifically studied
  • Hand picked by villagers
  • Full spectrum
  • Phytochemical-Rich
  • Wild-sourced

Super Strength Oreganol P73 Gelcaps are a good source of:

  • Antioxidants
  • Phenolic compounds
  • Polyphenols

Supplement Facts

Super Strength Oreganol (North American Herb&Spice) Supplement Facts

Dietary Considerations

  • Soy Free
  • Non-GMO

Suggested Use
Directions: Take one capsule daily with meals or juice or on an empty stomach.

Non-GMO. Soy-free. 

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