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Syntol is a spore-based probiotic enzyme formula. Probiotic spores can survive harsh digestive acidity and heat intact. This therapeutic daily probiotic formula supports microbiome balance, with a gentle enzymatic yeast cleanse.

Too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. This is especially true when it comes to candida, a form of yeast that, in moderation, helps with digestion and nutrient absorption. But when it starts overproducing, candida releases by-products into the body. This can lead to occasional:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Fatigue
  • Immune malfunction

There are many factors that can lead to candida and intestinal imbalance. Smoking or drinking, poor nutrition, and high stress are all known contributors.

The good news is you don’t have to suffer any longer. Syntol, a scientifically formulated combination of enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics, is your best choice for supporting healthy yeast levels.

Superior spore forming bacteria survive the harshest environments. Superior strength, bacterial balance, yeast cleanse, and enzymatic gastrointestinal formula.

Digestive Support
Syntol contains 13.6 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of various non-competing strains of probiotic bacteria per dose. One of these strains is the potent B. subtilis, a spore forming bacteria. Spore germination is a dependable means of delivering healthy flora to the intestine in less than ideal conditions.

Recent studies on B. subtilis showed that participants that received the B. subtilis were less likely to develop occasional gas and nausea while the control group was more likely to experience the same. The B. subtilis group was also less likely to experience occasional constipation and diarrhea compared to control. These results are likely the impact of the powerful strain’s ability to promote a healthy GI tract and support normal gut functions.

Healthy Yeast Levels
Syntol is one of the only products to offer a gentle yeast cleanse. In addition to a powerful blend of prebiotics and probiotics, Syntol also contains a blend of enzymes that provide a thorough intestinal cleanse:

  • Protease/Serrapeptase aids in protein digestion
  • Cellulase/Hemicellulase promotes cellulose, fiber and chitin digestion
  • Glucoamylase/Amylase breaks down sugars

These enzymes work together to support normal yeast levels without experiencing occasional discomfort known as "die-off".

Arm yourself with Syntol to maintain intestinal balance and healthy fungal levels.

Syntol's powerful enzyme and probiotic blend may support a robust immune system.

When common ailments take a toll on your health, Syntol’s unique combination of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes may enhance your immune defenses. The lining of your intestinal tract houses roughly 70% of your immune system, thus the key to stronger immunity lies in your gut.

Syntol provides excellent immune support for the following reasons:

  • Probiotics are known to be our first line of immune defense.
  • Creates an intestinal barrier against unwanted pathogens.
  • Supports the production of antibodies.
  • Naturally produces vitamins and minerals vital for healthy immune function.

Mood Enhancement
Probiotics positively influence our gut-brain axis (GBA) the delicate connective signaling between our gut and brain. Probiotics stimulate the production of tryptophan, an amino acid precursor to serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter. Serotonin production regulates stress, targets depressive symptoms, and heightens mood. Probiotics living throughout our microbiome produce 95% of our body’s serotonin. Serotonin stabilizes appetite, sleep, digestion, and wellbeing. Probiotics combat dysbiosis (bacterial imbalance) enhancing neurochemicals that prevent anxiety and irritability, and improve learning, memory and mood. If you have ever felt hungry and angry at the same time “hangry” its often assumed to be low blood sugar when its often associated with a drop in serotonin. A diverse microbiome can blunt this feeling and regulate mood between meals. In fact, individuals with healthy microbiomes are usually able to sustain better mood regulation and often feel they have more energy while fasting.

Syntol was specifically formulated with eight different types of probiotics that support a healthy intestinal environment, targeting both brain function and digestive activity. This scientifically supported supplement also contains a prebiotic fiber that nourishes good bacteria (probiotics) and promotes their growth. Digestive enzymes have been added to the formula as well. The carefully chosen digestive enzymes ensure that food is thoroughly digested. This is important because undigested food particles can lead to intestinal inflammation as well as damage along the lining of the gut. In other words, digestive enzymes work in conjunction with probiotics to ensure that nutrients are properly absorbed and transported throughout the body, including the brain. This is turn enhances mental health, digestion, and overall quality of life.

Overall, Syntol provides the body with probiotics that have the ability to support digestion along with cognitive performance by disrupting the overgrowth of harmful invaders and protecting the intestinal lining.

Supplement Facts

Syntol AMD (Arthur Andrew Medical Inc) Supplement Facts

Suggested Use
Directions: Take Syntol with eight ounces of water on an empty stomach. Start with one to two capsules per day and increase by one to two per day until you reach your desired daily dosage. Larger daily doses may be split into two to three divided doses. For best results, please refer to the guide below.

Maintenance: Two to four capsules per day.

Increased support: Six capsules per day.

Therapeutic: Nine to 12 capsules per day.

Warning: Do not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking anti-coagulants or if you are pregnant or nursing. 

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Satisfaction Policy

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