Thyroid Nutrition With Iodoral (Allergy Research Group)

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Thyroid Nutrition With Iodoral® 60 Vegetarian Tablets

The thyroid gland is central to the body’s metabolism, as it helps regulate digestion, energy production, mental sharpness, and heart rate. Thyroid Nutrition is formulated to support the thyroid with key nutritional factors,including iodine (Iodoral®), selenium, zinc, tyrosine, and vitamins A and B12.* Extracts of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Coleus forskohlii are included because they too can positively impact thyroid function directly and indirectly.* Ashwagandha can promote a balanced approach to stress, and the active compound forskolin from Coleus forskohlii plays a role in thyroid hormone release and activation.*

  • Provides 150 mcg per scored tablet of Iodoral® iodine/potassium iodide blend, to support thyroid hormoneproduction.*
  • Enhanced with selenium, zinc, vitamin A, and tyrosine to nutritionally support production and regulation of thyroidhormones.*
  • Coleus forskohlii standardized extract can support thyroid hormone production and conversion of T4 to T3.*
  • Ashwagandha standardized extract provides adaptogenic support during periods of stress.*

Supplement Facts

Thyroid Nutrition With Iodoral (Allergy Research Group) Supplement Facts

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, 1 tablet daily with breakfast, or as directed by a health care professional.

: If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

Keep in a cool, dry place, tightly capped.

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