Ultra Binder Capsules (Quicksilver Scientific)

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The Ultra Binder® capsules are a broad-spectrum binder that intercepts and helps eliminate harmful toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, endocrine disruptors, drug residues, food additives, and pollutants.

There is no one binder that can eliminate all toxins. Many binders ‘miss’ key toxins and allow for their recirculation. Ours binds to and removes a wide array of toxins in the GI for a safer, more thorough detox.* 

Broad-Spectrum Multi-Toxin Binder 
Target Environmental Toxins – Heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, hormone mimics, drug residues, food additives, mold, and bacteria metabolites. Ultra Binder® is formulated to catch them with an optimized blend of zeolite, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, and chitosan.

IMD® Metal Detox – Quicksilver Scientific’s proprietary mercury-binding complex supports the natural elimination of metals.

Inhibit Free Radical Damage – The bonding agents in our Ultra Binder® are designed to help reduce free radical production, insulate your body throughout the detox process, and support a healthy inflammatory balance.

Convenient On-The-Go Format: Capsules are ideal for on go detoxification support, providing powerful binding agents to help eliminate toxins. 



Ultra Binder Capsules (Quicksilver Scientific) Supplement Facts


How To Use
Take 4 capsules with 8 ounces of water once daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. Take 30 minutes before or 2 hours after meals or medications.

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